Automatic Insurance Coverage

As a member of PAIRS, you are automatically enrolled in the extended health and dental plans provided through the University of Saskatchewan’s Sun Life Group Insurance Policy. Your fees are paid on your behalf for the duration of your residency in the province.

Extended Health Insurance Plan

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Dental Insurance Plan

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*Please note that there is a 3 month waiting period for dental insurance from the date you start residency in Saskatchewan.

CMPA Liability Insurance

All residents working within Saskatchewan are to be covered by Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA) for liability insurance. The Employer (University of Saskatchewan) agrees to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the cost of CMPA coverage for all Residents, excluding Type B Residents. It is understood that the type of coverage provided under this benefit will not include work performed outside the Resident’s normal Program, aka “moonlighting”.

Optional Insurance Coverage

As a PAIRS member, you have the option to enroll in Life and/or Disability Insurance provided through the SMA/PAIRS. This insurance plan is considered the best in the country when compared to other plans available to residents. This coverage goes with you when you complete residency to practice anywhere in the country and is paid for you during your residency. Free insurance? Sign up!

PAIRS SMA Life & Disability Insurance Summary

Optional Group Disability Brochure

SMA Life Insurance Brochure

Life Insurance Application Form

Disability Insurance Application Form

Additional Disability Insurance Application Form