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The Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Saskatchewan (PAIRS) is the official voice of resident doctors training in Saskatchewan. Governed by an elected Board of Directors, PAIRS advocates for residency training and education in the province, and is the official bargaining association for the resident collective agreement.
Residents bring fresh ideas to the health care system based on their current training and front line experience. In most major hospitals, a resident is the first physician a patient encounters when seeking care and often the last face the patient sees on discharge. PAIRS members are post-graduate residents doctors training for certification by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RCPSC) or the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) in one of their recognized specialty or sub-specialty programs.

Congratulations to Matthew Nicholson!

Congratulations to Matthew Nicholson!

Matthew was selected as the Resident Doctors of Canada Board Member for Saskatchewan by the PAIRS members who voted in yesterday’s election.  He will begin his term in June.


Matthew Nicholson




RDoC Board Member for Saskatchewan Election

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Vote for the RDoC Board Member for Saskatchewan on Wednesday, April 27th from 0000 hrs to 2359 hrs

Please participate in the online election to choose the 2016-2017 RDoC Representative on April 27th.

There are four candidates for this position:  Daniel Altman, Eddie LiuMatthew Nicholson and Ankit Kapur.  Click on their names to read their biographies.

We will send full instructions via email. Watch your inbox tonight!



PAIRS Presidential Election Tuesday, March 22

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Vote for the Incoming PAIRS President on Tuesday, March 22 from 0000 hrs to 2359 hrs

Please participate in the online election to choose the 2016-2017 PAIRS President on Tuesday, March 22.

To date, we have one candidate:  Jonathan Dean.  Check out his biography here.

We will send full instructions via email. Watch your inbox in the coming days!




It’s Resident Awareness Week!

PAIRS is proud of the important role Resident Doctors contribute to Saskatchewan’s healthcare system!

Residents work under supervision of staff physicians for two to six years of further training in our specialty of choice. Our role is to assess patients, write prescriptions, perform procedures, and work with the rest of the healthcare team to make treatment decisions. Any time you or your loved ones are seen in a health clinic, assessed in the emergency room, or admitted to a hospital ward, you are likely to be assessed by at least one of the 443 Resident Doctors in Saskatchewan. We provide a significant portion of the around-the-clock hospital and on-call coverage for acute care in Saskatchewan. Outside of our clinical duties, many residents work to improve the healthcare system through advocacy and leadership involvements in provincial and national organizations.




Rick Mercer will be a Resident Doctor for a day!

In honour of National Resident Awareness Week held February 16-19, 2016, this week’s Rick Mercer Report will focus on residency and the work that Resident Doctors do.

The Professional Association of Internes and Residents of Manitoba (PARIM) invited Rick to learn what the Resident Doctor experience is like. They set up a number of scenarios for Rick: making a cast, looking at an xray, learning to suture, examining gross pathology, running a mock cardiac code, and a physical/neuro exam. One of PARIM’s Co-Presidents, Dr. Leslie Anderson, spoke to Rick on camera about what it means to be a resident.

The segment will be broadcast tomorrow, Tuesday, February 2 at 8 pm CST on CBC TV.  It will repeat Friday, February 5 at 8:30 pm, and then live online

New Board of Directors

Announcing the new 2015-2016 PAIRS Board of Directors!


Amanda Kleisinger

Vice President
Jonathan Dean

Past President
Lei Xia

Secretary Treasurer
Guillaume Leclair

Chief Negotiator
Jason Denis

Assistant Negotiator
Aaron Daters

Member at Large
Eddie Liu

Member at Large
Matthew Nicholson

Member at Large
Kathryn Whittemore

Faculty Council Representative
Crystal Burant

Faculty Council Representative
Mark Elliot

Faculty Council Representative
Joseph Kim

Faculty Council Representative
Sarah Schmid

PGME Committee Representative
Daniel Altman

PGME Committee Representative
Paige Drever

PGY1 Representative
Kylie Riou

Saskdocs Representative
Simon Adams

SHR Practitioner Advisory Representative
Sheev Dattani

SMA Representative
Neil Kalra

SMA Representative
Chelsea Wilgenbusch

Wellness Representative
Kayla Flood

Wellness Representative
Rochelle Jalbert